Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Barack and Michelle Obama, before nomination victory speech

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[added] BAGnewsNotes has another shot from a different angle.


twin said...

I loved that moment, when they touched their hands together like that.

I would so love to see Michelle Obama become the first lady.

God; we're sooo close. If we can just pull it off, it will be a miracle.

Brendan said...

Yeah, I look forward to seeing some video of it. The speech video, unfortunately, doesn't show any of the moments before Obama started speaking.

I agree that it'll be great to see Michelle Obama as first lady.

I don't agree that it will be a miracle, though. It'll be a well-earned victory. But I do share the feeling of how awesome that moment will be.

twin said...

I won't necessarily defend "miracle" as the perfect word, but I was thinking of the "miracle" of overcoming the right-wing attack machine, which will do its level best to destroy Obama in the coming months, not the "miracle" of a black person becoming president. I can see how it might have sounded like I meant the latter.

Using miracle in the context I did is merely a way to express my fear and apprehension about what we are going to see unleashed by the republicans and their media enablers in the months ahead, as in "it will be a miracle if we survive this."

Some days I have trouble remembering that we (Democrats) won two presidential elections in the 1990s. I try to remind myself of this so I don't completely despair of our chances.

Brendan said...

I take your point on "miracle," especially as you elaborate upon your sense of the word.

The truth is, a lot of me feels the same way. I guess I just don't want to say it would be a miracle, because in an ideal world, America would be a lot farther along on its racial problems.

joshua said...

hey brendan,

way to get cited on slate. woohoo.


Brendan said...


Heh. Thanks for noticing and passing along the link.

This may be the first time in the history of the blogosphere that a blogger is happy to be falsely attributed with a quote that was actually left by a commenter.

Shoutout to twin!

Brendan said...

Further corrections:

joshua's URL is incorrectly specified as a relative URL. I believe the correct way to seek him out would be to use this link.

Beth said...

Congratulations - to both Senator Obama (and you....).

Brendan said...

Thanks, Beth.

To all:

I dropped an email to the Slate blogger, Christopher Beam. He replied that his entry had been edited without his knowledge, and has restored his original comma, which makes the attribution a little more clear.

twin said...

You can see the "dap" in this hilarious video:

Heck, you've probably already seen it. ;)

twin said...

Oh, uh, heh. I guess I should have read the rest of the thread before I posted that link.

Hey, that's awesome you got linked from Slate!

Jeez, did you see that Human Events reference to it as a Hezbollah fist-jabbing? Those people are disgusting. They can poison even the most touching moment.

twin said...

As I spam the comments of Brendan's blog .....

Check this out: they removed the Hezbollah reference from the Human Events column. Some interesting discussion of it in the comments over there.

Brendan said...


Never hesitate to comment early and often around here. The more the merrier. I had not seen that clip you pointed to (linkified here). Thanks!

I did look at the Human Events site -- you're right in that they appear to have removed the original comment. However, I note that they let the responses to it stand, most of which seemed sane.

Brendan said...

Boy, that McCain video is something else. What a creepy, phony laugh.

Brendan said...

And smile.