Saturday, October 24, 2009

From the annals of "He's Just A Comedian!!!1!"

Here is a two-minute clip of Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.), still not kidding around:

(alt. video link)

Hat tip to Blue Texan, who's got some more context, if you want it.

6 comments: said...

Have you noticed that the aides sitting quietly in the background at these House and Senate hearings are always babes? What's up with that?

I used to live in SOG, and I have never seen such a collection of beautiful people. Not in LA, not in NY...

Brendan said...

Heh. She is a hottie, isn't she?

So much for the cliché "Washington is Hollywood for ugly people."

I wonder how disproportionally true this is, and what lies behind it. Certainly, it seems to be the case that there is correlation between attractiveness and movement up the ladder, for men as well as women, in many fields. Also, given the amount of media training any politician soaks up, plus the enhanced awareness Franken must have from his past jobs, it seems reasonable to think that there would be some thought given to who else is going to be in the shot.

Hey, if it gets us to stay glued to C-SPAN longer, and thereby hear more beatdowns given to the anti-HCR shills, it's all good.

Brendan said...

P.S. What is SOG?

TC said...

Wonderful stuff from Franken, Brendan.

If you were a Senator and had all the money in Washington backing you, would you hire ugly aides to work with? You've probably heard the old joke about the executive hiring a secretary and two women apply. One can type 100 words per minute, the other 60 words per minute. One can take dictation as fast as you can talk and the other has a little dictation. Which one gets the job? -- The one with the big tits. It's a shaggy dog joke but I shortened it up because I'm a fast blogger. LOL :-) said...

'SOG' is fedspeak for Seat of Government, a la POTUS.

I recall in the 1980s when the right-wing crazies referred to Washington DC as 'ZOG', for 'Zionist Occupied Goverment'. For a short period baseball caps with ZOG logos were highly prized in federal law enforcement circles.

Emphyrio said...

Be careful, Al!

You know they'd love to bust you in a love nest.