Friday, October 09, 2009

More Peace Prize Fallout

Following up from last post, more fury from the Furious Keyboardists (the Freepers are now up to six exclamation points), who are linking to each other faster than Wingnuttia Search can track. But here are some early examples.

Flopping Aces features a picture of the president eating an ice cream cone, attempts to connect this to "[l]ast Friday, [when] he failed to win the 2016 Olympic prize because it was not deserved," and concludes, "This stunning example of O’fellatio is proof of what a joke the Nobel Prizes have become."

Wizbangblog agrees, opening with "In what has to be one of the most dramatic examples of the global elitist genuflection and obsequiousness before the presence of The One …" and closing with some Tim Graham-level paranoia: "Note: The New York Times calls it a stunning surprise. Well, it was for most everyone else, but a cynic might suspect the Times has been pushing hard on this for months."

Dan Riehl ("not a racist") was going to be really mad about this, but now he is preening at the thought of being asked to appear on the BBC (wait, aren't they the liberal media?) to comment, apparently because earlier, he wrote a post headlined "No Freakin' Way!!!1!" (Don't tell him that the Beeb is likely having him on just to laugh at him.) [1]

Stop The ACLU decorates with a picture of Yassar Arafat, bitterly moans, "the world awards him the prize for appeasemnt [sic]," and concludes on a hopeful (for them) note: "Maybe Conya [sic] West will take Obama’s mic when he accepts the award."

Over at Hot Air, Allahpundit is keeping score: "This makes three times, incidentally, in just seven years that the committee’s turned the Peace Prize into a “f*** Bush” award by bestowing it on a liberal American Democrat."

In conclusion, Obama is no longer Just Like Bush™. He is now just like Carter. And Arafat.


[1] [Added] Looks like I guessed right.

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