Monday, April 05, 2010

Eat Your Vegetables

As much fun as it is to document wingnuts being wingnutty, sometimes we have to have something besides treats. Here's a place where I feel as though I, at least, could use some more fiber in my diet.

The next big issue to be dealt with by our government appears to be that of financial regulatory reform. Paul Krugman's columns (e.g., e.g.) and his blog are of course good places to start, but I would like something that helps me take the next step toward getting a handle on these matters. I found this Bloggingheads diavlog between Glenn Loury and Ross Levine, both econ professors at Brown University, quite helpful -- Ross is clear without dumbing things down, and Glenn is invaluable in steering the conversation and translating the sticky bits.

It's about 50 minutes long. If you'd prefer to download audio or video rather than stream it here, click the "alt. video link" below. But do give it a shot.

(alt. video link)

[Added] Note to self: I've seen recommendations from a couple of people, including Krugman, that another good source for getting ourselves up to speed is Mike Konczal's blog, Rortybomb.

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Joseph Stiglitz recently interviewed on Charlie Rose: