Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Glad It's Not Just Me

After I read it this morning, I was going to mention Matt Bai's NYT piece on the teabaggers' new hatred for the 17th Amendment, since I had noted this latest shiny object of theirs earlier. However, I only have so much energy for fuming about Bai's incurable fetish for Balance™, and this bit made me think there was no point in sending anyone in search of actual honest analysis over there:

The same thing happened after the 2004 elections, when a group of frustrated liberal academics began to posit that the real problem in Washington was the structure of the Senate, which prevented the urban masses from imposing their will on sparsely populated rural states. (Funny how that complaint has largely disappeared, now that Democrats control 59 seats.)

Yeah, right, right? None of us have complained about being held hostage by Lieberman, Nelson, Lincoln, Landrieux, Baucus, or the (other) forty-odd Republicans, and dang if that health care reform didn't just sail through the Senate, slicker 'n shit through a goose. And how much do you love our new financial reforms, alternative energy, and climate mitigation legislation? Mmmm! Me, too!

Fortunately, people with bigger megaphones than mine have since expressed annoyance, and at more length. See Jon Chait on this one in particular, and Mike Barthel, for a list of other things that also make me wish we could wave Bai Bai.

(h/t: Alex Pareene)


[Added] And speaking of Balance™, Pareene notices CNN, "up" to its usual standards.

[Added2] Doghouse Riley looks at an earlier Bai try. Title of his post might give you a hint: "Jesus Wept."

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