Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another note of Administrivia

In addition to adding that "after the jump" feature mentioned earlier, I have also restored the "email this post" icon, for your sharing pleasure. Should you be so inclined, look to the bottom of the post and click that little envelope with an arrow on it. A pop-up window will appear, and from there, it's clear what to do.

The ShareThis icon offers link-emailing among its choices as well, but it has come to my attention that some readers have found this less than obvious.

And now, also in the spirit of sharing, here is a snippet from The West Wing that I stumbled across. (I linked to it earlier, but I'm betting not that many of you made it to the end of the post where the link appeared.) From Vertical Hold:

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised to see djb have a page of post hoc fallacies. It's still pretty funny though, in that old, bearded, unix crank kind of humor of course.

Of course, I doubt djb would flip anybody a nickel to buy a new computer.

President: After it, therefore because of it. It means one thing follows the other, therefore it was caused by the other. But it's not always true. In fact it's hardly ever true. We did not lose Texas because of the hat joke. Do you know when we lost Texas?

C.J.: When you learned to speak Latin?

President: Go figure.

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