Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sounds like the beginning of a joke about the world's smallest website, doesn't it? But no, it's a real thing, run by something called The National Republican Trust (that word, you keep saying that word …) Political Action Committee … no, seriously, this is not at all funny, because it is "committed to continuing the legacy of Ronald Reagan," you haters.

And speaking of not funny, have you heard about their great new ad, which you can Trust? It is called "Kill the Ground Zero Mosque." Yes. Not just "Stop," but "Kill." And shut up about Republicans' excessive use of violent rhetoric, okay?

You must go over to Jim Newell's house and watch it, to remind yourself what it's like to be a RealAmerican™ -- full of fear and hatred of others, eager to cheapen the term sacred, and most importantly, all about Us vs. Them.

And catch the none-too-subtle insinuation that President Obama is not an American. All in one minute!

Hurrah for the legacy of Ronald Reagan!




[Added] Also over at Jim's place: more Republicans demanding that Obama stop hating bidnessmen as much as they hate him, and more Republican fear and loathing, this time, for Muslins of the fake Mexican variety -- they're the worst.

[Added2] Oh, but wait. You know when the Republicans do like themselves some Muslins? Correct! When it comes to being united against Teh Gheys, as TPM's Rachel Slajda reports.

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