Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sigh. Another Day, Another Country, Another Catholic Church Pedophilia Ring Exposed.

The lede:

Behind an aggressive investigation of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in Belgium that drew condemnation from the pope himself lies a stark family tragedy: the molestation, for years, of a youth by his uncle, the bishop of Bruges; the prelate’s abrupt resignation when a friend of the nephew finally threatened to make the abuse public; and now the grass-roots fury of almost 500 people complaining of abuse by priests.

And yes, I use the term ring advisedly. Read the rest of the article to learn about the by-now-all-too-familiar cover-up attempts, the general refusal to listen to the molested children, the silencing of the rare priest who did try to do something by the higher-ups in the church, etc.

Won't mean much coming from an atheist, but goddamn them all, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Is "church" a synonym for a continuing criminal enterprise of predatory homosexuals with a taste for young stuff?

Brendan said...

Oh, no. I'm pretty sure there's also a taste for young girls in there somewhere, too.

Dude said...

Shame on the Catholic Church. Why can't we have the purity and moral clarity that is provided by some of the other religions in the world.


Dude who wanted to stone Iranian woman to death for allegedly committing adultery

Brendan said...

You know, it's awfully hard not to sound like a Kagan or a Kristol or FSM help us, a Republican member of Congress when it comes to stories like that.

Th' fuck is wrong with those people? How can the idea of stoning someone to death even be tolerated as a fringe belief?