Friday, July 16, 2010

What, Still Sober?

If that last and the other haven't already put you down, here's one more. It's a thing that's so sad, and so infuriating in light of your and my inability to do anything about it, that I have hesitated to pass it along. Nonetheless, since we're all half in the bag by now, might as well take all the bad medicine at once, right? And really, you should be aware of this story:

Johann Hari: How Goldman gambled on starvation

Speculators set up a casino where the chips were the stomachs of millions. What does it say about our system that we can so casually inflict so much pain?

By now, you probably think your opinion of Goldman Sachs and its swarm of Wall Street allies has rock-bottomed at raw loathing. You're wrong. There's more. It turns out that the most destructive of all their recent acts has barely been discussed at all. Here's the rest. This is the story of how some of the richest people in the world – Goldman, Deutsche Bank, the traders at Merrill Lynch, and more – have caused the starvation of some of the poorest people in the world.

Read the whole thing, if you can.


(h/t: ohreally)

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