Friday, August 06, 2010

Damn. Where does a quarter-century go?

We were talking about this guy elsewhere, last night and earlier, and though it's not quite as sweltering as it was then, I am going to repost this, because it's cocktail hour, and because it suddenly occurred to me how time flies and how the things you love can go away, just like that.

I turned down free tickets to see this man more than once, believe it or not, because I was in the biz back then, didn't want to take the night off from work, and thought, "Eh.* Great as he is? He'll be around forever."

'Nuff maudlinin'. Play loud. And thank the FSM we at least have ways to record such moments.

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Say What! (Montreux '85)

(alt. video link)


* [Added] Actually, given that at the time of said offers I was living in the Biggest Little State in the Union, it is more likely that instead of saying Eh I said Aaaayyyyyyyyy.


Ocean said...


P.S.: What's the Biggest Little State? Pardon my ignorance.

Brendan said...

Heh. There is no reason whatsoever to apologize for not knowing what the BLS is. That was a reference whose insider nature was surpassed only by its obsolescence. It was a self-promotional slogan in a TV ad that played all too often, and was an ear worm for almost everyone who heard it.

Oh, in Rhode Island, I mean.

And hey, is there anything that isn't on the Internet? See here. Should be cued to the right spot -- if not, go to 1:40.

Ocean said...


I still like the other nickname better... Yeah, I know, sooo self-referential.

Brendan said...