Thursday, September 09, 2010

Follow-up on that Sarah Palin piece in Vanity Fair

Sarah Palin plus some sensible womanNew post up on VF's website: "Michael Joseph Gross Responds to Criticism of His Article on Sarah Palin."

Probably only of interest for obsessives, so, yes, naturally I read the whole thing. And so did your Ken Layne.

The funniest part concerns some PR person, also a Christian talk show host and (better sit down for this part) contributor to one of Breitbart's Big sites, "Gina Loudon, an acquaintance of Palin’s," about whom MJG says, "Let me state this as unequivocally as possible: Loudon’s accounts have no basis in reality."

There's also a little bit of a backhand delivered to the new Matthew Continetti, Ben Smith of the rePubOLITICO.


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