Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballpark Cleaners

Good article by Ken Belson, Jo Craven McGinty, and Griff Palmer about the outstanding public debt still attached to pro sports arenas, many of which are … shall we say … erstwhile:

New Jerseyans are hardly alone in paying for stadiums that no longer exist. Residents of Seattle’s King County owe more than $80 million for the Kingdome, which was razed in 2000. The story has been similar in Indianapolis and Philadelphia. In Houston, Kansas City, Mo., Memphis and Pittsburgh, residents are paying for stadiums and arenas that were abandoned by the teams they were built for.

There's a very good sidebar, too.


P.S. You'll be delighted, however, to note that teabagger darling Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is showing the sort of take-charge, responsible, don't-blame-your-predecessors attitude that the Republican Party promises to deliver, come 2010:

“Believe me, I’m not unaware of the debt situation that was left here in my lap by decisions made by previous administrations,” Gov. Christie said, speaking from the 50-yard line at New Meadowlands Stadium.

Where he was no doubt shoving hotdogs into his face.

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