Monday, January 10, 2011

Clown of the Day: Jim "Hateway Pundit" Hoft

Jim Hoft, aka The Hateway PunditHonestly, he could win about every damned day, so my title is a bit misleading, but in this case, it's worth calling attention to. Why? Because usually when he posts something that's just plain wrong on the facts, he leaves it up, no matter how many people are laughing at him (e.g.). This time, however, he was embarrassed enough to try to flush the post down the memory hole, just like it was a map full of surveyor's symbols or something, so it was extra hilarious.

The best part is how he tries to blame it all on "Soros-funded Media Matters." So I guess screen grabs are now officially librully biased?

Great catch, Ben Dimiero!

(h/t: Twin | pic. source)

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