Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Parenthetical Aside of the Day

From Charles P. Pierce:

(A brief lexicographical note before we continue. "Objectivity" -- which has its own problems as a standard of journalistic commentary, as we have seen -- is not a synonym for "critical" any more than it is a synonym for "complimentary." Being hypercritical is no more "objective" than being sycophantic is. And being hypercritical simply for the sake of being hypercritical, for whatever reason, doesn't make you any more "objective" than is the average fanboi suck-up. It makes you a fake. We continue.)

I'm more interested in it for what it says about the MSM's fetish for Balance™; i.e., how the lazy he-said/she-said style of writing makes for a misleading article and a misinformed audience.

I encourage you to follow the three quoted links, and then to follow some of the links you find at those sources.

You've probably heard me mention this topic a time or two before. Yes, this is one of my windmills. I really do think it's a serious problem.

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