Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Five people, probably before you knew them

Click 'em to big 'em.

1. Hint: in the next frame, he kicks the crutches out.

(early 1970s)

2. Hint: You may have seen this one last month, in a collage of sorts.

(early 1970s)

3. Hint: There's a good chance that briefcase in fact does contain the plans for global domination.


4. Hint: No, not homeless. Yes, he just bought that.


5. Hint: in the uncropped version, he is standing next to an older version of the above. (I am happy to report he is looking away from him.)

(about 1991)

Answers/sources: Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3 | Pictures 4 and 5

Blame StrangeAppar8us of Rumproast for the first one, and consequently, for reminding me of these others that I'd bookmarked, for your "pleasure."

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