Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's wrong with the definition we have?

Picture of gorgeous woman, captioned 'Trying to redefine beauty'

Actually, that's the NYT's teaser for an article that's pretty interesting, particularly if in your formative years, you saw that Chas Addams cartoon with a store clerk saying, "Hey boss? All these people want flesh-colored Band-Aids."

But if you'd just be going to look at the pictures, allow me to save you a trip. (Yes, yes. This is for you, not me!)

'Sam Fine, left, the new creative director of Fashion Fair Cosmetics, with Clarisa Wilson, the president of Fashion Fair, center, and a model, Gate Haile, at a recent shoot.' --NYTimes caption(embiggen)

That's Maya Gate Haile above right. Here's another picture of her, swiped from Tadias magazine (About).

Maya Gate Haile

Hurrah for cheekbones, I say.

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