Friday, August 17, 2012

Yeah? Well what if I bring in two at a time? What about that, hengggh? HENGGGHHH???

While halfway through doing my bit to keep the landfills a little less full, I was accosted by some uniformed twerp who told me that I could not have the grocery cart I was using in their precious bottle room. This is a bottle room I have been in about four thousand times, almost always with a cart, and it's never been a problem. So I asked, "Who am I hurting?" Whereupon he played the same card all low-echelon Napoleons play -- wordlessly pointing to The Sign. Which, y'know, has never been there before.

As I read it, it's corporate-speak for "HOMELESS: GTFO." Because who would want THOSE people performing an environmentally beneficial service in return for compensation? That's socialism!!!1!

Since I no longer have any returnables, much less two carts' worth, I shall be composing a sternly worded letter post haste. That oughta do it.

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