Monday, April 22, 2013

Coupla things to watch

First is an ad that ran in preroll for some thoroughly unrelated video that I had gone looking for. Yes, an ad. It's about three minutes long.

It's a little sappy, but kind of cool, and yes, obviously constructed, but ... what can I say ... it ultimately left me affected.

Next is the bonus video from TBogg's latest Random Ten, about which he says:

This performance gives me goosebumps:

There is a Dead Can Dance box set that contains the entire concert that the above was taken from, and it is worth it for the DVD alone.

I have always felt that TBogg's taste in music and mine are offset by about one notch, but I really liked that.



TC said...

The Dove commercial is moving and interesting, but if you think cynically about it, the people at Dove may have hired the artist with the understanding that the first drawing had to be worse than the second -- otherwise no commercial. The artist didn't see the person he was drawing, but getting a likeness wasn't the assignment. In fact neither of the drawings looked much like the person as you'd expect. But perhaps the assignment was to get one drawing that wasn't as flattering as the other. Perhaps the whole drawing thing was a charade to give a sense of authenticity to the commercial. The ad boys are very clever at coming up with ads that don't look like ads. Remember the old Boraxo commercial that turned out to be fraud? And the detergent commercial where it turned out they used a blue towel for what was supposed to be a whiter than white towel because pale blue looks whiter than white does on TV. You know that men don't wear white shirts on TV because a real white shirt doesn't televise well. Are we being manipulated here into believing that using Dove soap will make us more beautiful even if we can't see it ourselves? Of course maybe it was a scientific test that just happened to reinforce Dove's claims so they used it.

Brendan Keefe said...

Granted, it is part of an ad campaign, so I suppose it's proper to be skeptical. (You'll note I did say it was "obviously constructed" in the original post.) However, I think the takeaway message is valid and important, and so I don't mind if some machinations took place in order to make the message more clear.