Monday, October 19, 2009

Already in the bargain bin ...

... and it won't be out for another three weeks: "Palin's" book marked down from $29 to $9.


YourMother said...

Wow, a ghost town in here. You would think that with the thousands that read your enlightened comments at BH that this place would be bristling. In reality though you are a creepy little boy and even those you think are your friends take a put up or puke up approach.

But keep trying, son.


Emphyrio said...

To be fair, Amazon's in a pricing war with Wal-Mart and this super-high-volume book is prime battlefield.

But it's fun to think the publisher is taking a bath.

Boy, what a cruel "Mom". For what it's worth, I check you here every day, and learned of you on Bloggingheads.

You're Atrios-style snark without all the mass transit.

Brendan said...

@Emphyrio: Yes, that does seem to be at least part of the reason, doesn't it? But, as you say, too much fun not to pretend, at least for a moment, that there are warehouses in Wasilla, packed to the rafters, and all sorts of panicked looks being exchanged at HarperCollins.

Thanks for the rest of your words, too. Don't worry about the little man posing as my mother -- that's just Whatfur being his usual self.

Your Mother said...

Oh well, its not the first time you were left with false expectations. Like when you discovered that your drunken lout of a father who left us when you were 3 was not really in the CIA. But look at it this way, it has made you tougher...heck you hardly ever play with your dolls anymore.

You'll always be my sweet, fat little potato head.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Brendan - I love following your links and i would just never find a lot of this stuff otherwise.

sorry your stalker has allowed his repressed crush on you to spill over into yet another web site, i know you're not going to do anything but laugh, but sheesh - you'd think the guy could just get a life.

have a good day,


Brendan said...

Thanks, Z.