Monday, July 29, 2013

Here's an article on GMO foods that definitely bears your attention

At least in this case, the choice seems to come down to accepting a genetically modified orange or eating a whole lot more pesticide.

Or eating oranges that look like the one on the right.

[Added] Or, as numerous meatspace commenters have pointed out to me, not eating oranges at all.

I myself am not totally against GMO foods. I don't have worries about the "Frankenfood" aspect; i.e., I'd have no problem eating a given sample that had gone through the testing described in the article. I do worry about genetically modified organisms -- plant or animal -- escaping into the wild, as it were, before we completely understand what we're doing, in general.

(h/t: Andrew Revkin)

Monday, July 01, 2013

Ripped from context 2

Apparently, this is a sincere compliment:

Some human language researchers are impressed, too. “My hat’s off to them,” Dr. Oller said of the new study’s authors. “They aren’t even babbling researchers, and they came up with a procedure that eluded all of us. Assuming they are correct, they’ve made a serious contribution to the babbling literature.”