Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Ex-Scientologist Goes Public

Tony Ortega has a copy of a long letter that Paul Haggis has "written to Scientology's current national spokesman, Tommy Davis, 'Crash' director Paul Haggis [explaining] why he is leaving Scientology after 35 years.

Yeah, that Tommy Davis.

Actually, it's probably more accurate to say that rather than having gone public, Haggis has been outed in some sense. His letter was not, it appears, an open letter, but was instead sent by Haggis to Davis, with copies to "a handful of people," one or more of which leaked. Obviously, one could suspect this was Haggis wanting the letter to be shared but wanting to retain some deniability, but whatever. I don't much care. I'm glad it's out there, and if you're interested in cults, you'll probably find it an interesting read, too.

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