Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The First Nine Months

Here is the Barack Obama you know and love, delivering a much-needed speech to fire up the troops.

Obama comes on around 7:30, but you might find the introductory remarks by Melissa DeRosa and Tim Kaine worth listening to, as well, especially in the spirit of good warm-up acts. The whole thing is about 36 minutes long.

(alt. video link)

Christina Bellantoni has a good write-up of the speech over at TPM. Here are a couple of other moments I'd highlight as well, in case you're not in the mood to watch the whole thing.

Obama throws out a good challenge to Will Rogers's associates starting at 25:35, and then starting at 28:00, moves on to address the Republicans in this country (and the far left, to some degree, too). This bit starting at 30:00 was key (you should listen to get the full effect, obvs.):

We understand exactly who and what got us into this mess. Now, we don't mind cleaning it up -- I'm grabbing my mop and my broom, and we're scrubbing the floors and trying [to] neaten things up -- but don't just stand there and say, "You're not holding the mop right." Don't just stand there and say, "You're not mopping fast enough." Don't accuse me of having a socialist mop. Instead of standing on the sidelines, why don't you grab a mop?

(h/t: Twin)

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