Friday, October 09, 2009

Further Proof of Liberal Bias!!!1!

Apparently, David Letterman's advertisers are sticking with him.

Let's see … something else … oh, yeah …

Barack Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize!

Will this cause a certain amount of rapid cranial expansion among the hand-tightenable threaded fastener community? I don't doubt it. Seems a bit early yet, but over at Newsbusters, Tim Graham, "Director of Media Analysis" at the "Media Research Center," has already hopped to, bracketing a blockquote announcing the President's surprise win with this opening …

Breaking, from the AP at 5:19 AM: if Al Gore can win the Nobel Peace Prize for just being liberal, why not Barack Obama? This is not a joke, apparently:

… and this closing:

My first thought? These people really, really hate George W. Bush.

Graham, whose Brent Bozell-induced paranoia ferreting-out skills we've saluted before, was most recently seen howling about the liberal bias of some newspaper because "Red Dawn" was not mentioned until the twenty-somethingth paragraph of Patrick Swayze's obituary. No, really.

Anyway, congratulations, Mr. President. Keep up the good work.

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