Friday, November 20, 2009

Further Chronicles of Congressional Action

Sheesh. And after that last? I gotta stop reading political news or I'm gonna turn into a secessionist teabagger myself.

Does this sentence not encapsulate everything that's wrong with Congress?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is resting his hopes on Kerry and Graham, who have also teamed up with Lieberman, for getting climate change legislation through the Senate.

Oh, goody! Bipartisanship! With a Republican who has already been branded an apostate for this and will either lurch back to his right or get primaried into retirement by the wingnut base. And once again, Senate Majority Leader Charlie Brown will hand the "He's With Us On Everything But The War" football to Lucy from Connecticut.

I think we can pretty much count on nothing being done for a good long while, since, as we all know, Holy Joe's time is filled with more important matters, like going on Fox News to talk about his big plans to investigate the Army for being too nice to the Muslins.

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P.S.  Yes, Harry Reid actually said that. More than once. And with any luck, we can make into a full-fledged Internet meme.

[Update] This'll shock you, but the above mess turns out to be Excellent News For John McCain. You can ask any Villager.

Well, almost all good news. We will return to 100% good news for John McCain after Lisa Lerer is fired.

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