Friday, November 13, 2009

Line of the Day: 2009-11-13

On the bright side for the wingnuts, at least it wasn’t Joe the Plumber filming himself.
    -- John Cole

Yes, yes, I admit it. This is really just an excuse to snicker about THE NEW NEKKID PICTURES OF CARRIE PREJEAN. THIRTY PICTURES. EIGHT TAPES. "Carrie can be heard moaning on a few of the tapes," sez RadarOnline. GOOGLE MAY POSSIBLY EXPLODE IN TWO HOURS.

Start with Jim Newell, who simply does not see what all the fuss is about.

Also, "biggest mistake of my life" is now officially "funny," but will be a banned phrase by this time next Tuesday. Says me.


rishigajria said...

Brilliant Dude. I posted The Young Turks video on Facebook that covers the same topic. Guess I am on board with Cenk on one thing. She is hot and I wanna see the pictures and tapes
I'm a Bad Man :)

John Evo said...

Since I haven't been around in a while I figured I stop by and leave something profound. However, seems I must get to googling!