Thursday, November 19, 2009

Probably you already heard about it ...

... but how could I not pass this along? Yes …

Xenophon v. Xenu

… is Teh Awesome, whether it's a court case or a monster movie.


[Added] One More And We're Calling It A Trend Department: …

TBogg, FTW: Noron vs. the Morans.

(The titling thing, I mean, not the subject.)


[Update] In the Comments, precedence is claimed.


Anonymous said...

If it's a trend, then I started it.

Also Xenophon is an interesting character. A - dare I say it - maverick, even. An independent senator, first elected to South Australian parliament on a platform of banning poker machines, would you believe.

I like Sully's phrase "Super Adventure Club".

Brendan said...

Damn, as soon as I clicked that link, I had a vague sense that I'd seen that somewhere earlier.

Sorry about that. It was just one tweet after another, going in one eye and out the other, I guess.