Friday, November 13, 2009


To call this hyperbole may be an overstatement:

It's not yet perfect, but boy, what a great idea. Try Readability.

[Update 2011-11-15] The above link now redirects. Apparently, they've done a lot of work and have implemented a full browser add-on, a subscription service, etc. All of which seem interesting, but if you (still) just want the bookmarklet, now go here.


Emphyrio said...

Too bad it only loads one blog post at a time.

For long Salon and NYT articles, though, and the cluttered Huffington Post, it's sweet relief.

Thank you! Web minimalism (a virtue your blog embraces) is still the best policy.

Brendan said...

And thank you!

Yes, I agree with what you suggest -- it might be nice for multiple articles to be handled. Maybe you should send arc90 some feedback.