Sunday, November 15, 2009

Republican Jesus

(swiped from watertiger)


Anonymous said...

Brendan, you'd have at least some credibility if you devoted more of your time to actually informing yourself on issues instead of attacking the people who support people you don't like.

Do you think anything you type makes an independent voter think you are anything other than an immature ass incapable of admitting that Obama and Bush are two peas in the same pod?

You cannot even permit the thought that health care works quite well for most people in this country, so instead of fixing what is broken, you want to re-create the Berlin Wall, trapping everyone but the elite in a system where they are denied what they worked for by the people you think care about the poor.

Wake up, and stop pretending that either party cares about anything but domination over people. You'd be a happier person if you simply advocated liberty instead of compulsory servitude.

2006: BJ Hysterical over tracking of overseas phone calls of suspected terrorists

2009: BJ Hysterical that anyone would want their private medical information kept out of a massive government database accessible by millions of people.

Oh, and how accurate were the cost projections on any government endeavor, from the Iraq War to the Great Society?

You're such a blind tool.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, you really need to love yourself more than you hate Republicans, Christians, non-left wing zealots, etc., otherwise you will never be at peace.

Brendan said...

Sorry you missed the label at the bottom of the post that says HUMOR.

Or maybe you just don't know the meaning of the word.