Friday, November 13, 2009

Splish, Splash, I'll Be Takin' a Bath

This is great news (and not just for John McCain):

There is water on the Moon, scientists stated unequivocally on Friday, and considerable amounts of it.

(h/t: AemJeff, posting in the forum)


Stand by for Don to comment about how this totally doesn't support my enthusiasm for humans in space in 5..., 4..., 3...



Also, LOL @ pourmecoffee.


don mcarthur said...

I'm your hucklberry.

Meat-in-space is a waste of time when we're saddled with chemical rockets, ineffective hard radiation protection, and a physiology that is permanently damaged by long term exposure to microgravity.

For a fraction of the cost we could seed the solar system with networked, AI enhanced robotic servants who love being in space for however long we'd like to send them there. With what is left over, we can start developing those technologies we need to put carbon-based life forms in space.

The problem with NASA programs is that they're roach-motels. You go in, but you can't get out. We're still spending $700 Billion/flight to support our brave cosmonauts in low earth orbit while they grow another round of chia-pets in what's cheerfully known as 'research.' Please.

You give me a constant 1g drive, effective low-weight shielding, and something to save our bodies from microgravity, then OK. Till then, send the 'bot.

PS - Your OpenID verifier is borked.

Brendan said...

Yes, yes. Of course we need better technology. And yes, we've got to do some things about NASA. But ... WATER ON THE MOTHERFUCKIN MOON, A'IGHT???


Sorry to hear about the OpenID problem. That's not something I can control (other than to say, yes or no, whether I want to permit it as an option for my commenters), sadly.

But maybe if you can give a few details, I'll be able to speak to Mr. Google or one of his Groups about it. said...

To go to all the effort to climb up out of one gravity well, just to climb down into another, seems somehow perverse. But if we do expend enough treasure I'm sure we can burrow into the regolith (in order to avoid the hard radiation), and even boil some drinking water and oxygen out of the ice. Then we can grow some chia-pets and ship them back to Earth and establish the first Interplanetary commerce in human history. (Sorry, didn't mean to dis' the Scientologists who flock here.)

The only reason I mention the OpenID thing is that it works for other Blogger sites, just not yours. Not really worth messing with, I can use other means. said...

Hey, OpenID worked! Belay my last.

Brendan said...

Thanks for letting me know about the OpenID. Google/Blogger does have transient issues from time to time. Glad this one didn't last that long.

As to your previous comment: the Moon's gravity well is not nearly as deep, which does suggest possibilities, which I'm sure you're as familiar with as I am. In general, I'm not so worried about having an immediate business plan.