Saturday, December 19, 2009


Here is a song from last millennium that I just heard for the first time last night. The video may strike you as either comical or warmed-over Clockwork Orange, depending on your mood, but it's the music we're after here. Play loud.

(alt. video link)

Kind of an interesting history to this song.

(h/t: Space Station Soma)


TC said...

I read years ago somewhere that the music of a culture reflects the culture. Thus Indian music with the whine of the sitar and the drone of the tabla is the sound of insects buzzing on a hot day. Mozart is the sound of the royal court in Vienna in the 18th century.

I guess this is the sound of our culture with cars buzzing on the interstates, subway trains coming into the station, and the fenetic hum of the big city and it's people and obsessions. Music to our ears is hearts pumping frantically and the crash and bang of modern city life.

As the mythbusters say "confirmed."

Brendan said...

I suppose that could be true, although it sounds suspiciously like having a theory and then looking for data to support it, to me.