Friday, November 18, 2011

Immanentize the Enturbulation!

It never fails. Just when I'm reading some stuff about Scientologists and trying to keep open in my mind the thought that their critics aren't automatically unimpeachable, I happen upon yet another video in which Scientologists slam that door themselves. Here's an example, shot by Mark Bunker of, described as follows.

7/2/99 - Three Scientologists surround me as [I] try to videotape an event on L. Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angles. This is a great example of what they call "Bullbaiting" as they try to provoke me and create an incident to get me arrested.

The first two minutes are boring -- just some cops trying to get Mark to leave. But then the going gets weird, and you know what that means.

(alt. video link)

Did you ever meet anyone you'd like to have a beer with less than those three guys? They're like eight-year-olds who watched a video titled "How To Be Boss of the Playground," and this was their virgin flight. (Of course, being Scientologists, they would have had to pay a lot of money for that video, but that's another story.)

I learned from Tony Ortega that Mark is currently at work on a new documentary about Scientology, called "Knowledge Report." There are a bunch of clips from the footage he's already shot up on his Vimeo channel.

(title: cf., vide, vide)

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