Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sen. Gillibrand: necessary tool. (Her words, not mine.)

Received the following after directing a petition towards her on American Censorship Day.

Dear Brendan,

Thank you for writing to me regarding S. 968, the PROTECT IP Act of 2011. I understand your concerns.

I am a cosponsor of this legislation because I believe that we must protect American intellectual property against foreign websites that infringe upon our rights. By empowering the Attorney General of the United States to go after foreign infringing websites, this legislation becomes a necessary tool to ensure that U.S. companies remain competitive in the world marketplace. I recognize that there are technical concerns with the enforcement of this bill that need to be addressed. I am committed to working with my colleagues in the United States Senate to ensure that this legislation protects the Constitutional rights of Americans and does not stifle lawful free speech or innovation on the internet.

[...] [more boilerplate] [...]


Kirsten E. Gillibrand
United States Senator

Ah, well. At least she's honest about who has bought and paid for her. And I'll acknowledge that she's been good on other issues.


She is dead wrong on this one.

Tell her what you think about your Internet being handed over to people who have anything but freedom of expression at heart. Phone number at the bottom of the page, if you'd rather yell than type.

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