Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Somehow, this too can be blamed on Teh Liberal Media. And, of course, Obama.

From Pareene's summary of Karl Rove's latest doings:

Acting like a pundit while actually managing a national political campaign for a well-funded Super PAC seems a bit ethically problematic, but the Wall Street Journal and Fox News obviously don’t really care.

[Added] On the other hand, Michelle Cottle says that Eric Boehlert says:

“The rest of the right-wing media is so certifiably insane that Karl, by standing in the same spot he has always been in, now looks like the moderate and thoughtful one.”

Which reminds me of the time when John Ashcroft was lauded for his moral leadership in resisting the Bush Administration's executive overreach, but never mind my gloomy outlook.

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