Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Well, it's imaginative. I'll give them that.

Beginning of a recent bit of bacn:

Dear Reader,

We hope you have taken the opportunity to enjoy full access to The Economist online, The Economist on Android, iPhone and iPad and The Economist in audio, a range of benefits that are only available to subscribers.

We have been providing you with full digital access to The Economist due to an error in our systems. Our system will be updated to correct this error in a few weeks. After that time, your full digital access will only continue if you subscribe.

I would therefore like to explain the subscription options that are available: [...]

Wonder how many people immediately thought OMG, what have I been missing??? and ran right over to look.

Upon further review, however, it occurs to me that when pitching digital subscriptions, you'd probably want to avoid planting a mental seed like "an error in our systems." Not to mention the notion that it'll take a few weeks to clear it up.


Anonymous said...

I love the economist and want to subscribe but when I got this email, it makes me want to delay my sub in protest, even though it will hurt me too.

What should I do,

Brendan said...

Sorry for the delay in seeing your comment. It got misidentified as spam by Blogger.