Saturday, November 12, 2011

When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall (updated below)

I was bemoaning the lack of color in this year's autumn leaves, so Ocean sent along a snapshot taken out her window.

Autumn trees, by Ocean(embiggen | enhugen)

Hard to say whether she was being sympathetic or triumphant, but far be it from me to question motive.


Title, of course:

(alt. video link)

[UPDATE] While I was outside raking my brown and yellow leaves, I received word that the above is a mere cell phone snap, and then … whoa … I received another shot, taken with a camera that is for some reason incapable of making a simple phone call.

Autumn trees 2, by Ocean(embiggen | enhugen)

Thanks, Ocean!


Ocean said...

You're welcome!

Jack said...

Fascinating how differently the colors are reproduced by the two cameras...

The same thing (though not to the same extent) happens on computer monitors. I used to obsess over the precise shade of colors I was using in my web designs, only to later view the site on my laptop, or on the screen of a co-workers, only to find that everything looked totally different. The closest you can get with computer monitors is a close approximation of a given color scheme.

Still, I try to make them perfect for my own monitor, since I am going to have to look at it more than anyone else. ;-)

Brendan said...

Heh, good choice.

I briefly looked into the issue of color consistency when doing software development for Disney, and oh yeah, it is a huge can of worms.

Ocean said...

As a technical aside, it isn't just two different cameras, but two different light conditions. The first one was taken in the morning when the sun is mostly on the other side of the house. The second one was taken when the sun was shining on that side. That makes a huge difference.

Brendan said...


Just saw a picture I would have liked to be able to take. A violently red tree (Japanese maple, I think) with a slightly taller yellow one behind it, framed from where I was standing by two thick tree trunks of much taller trees, on a very green lawn.

The thing that made it so appealing is that in the current light -- the gloaming -- the colors practically seemed to glow. Be hard to capture that sense, for an unskilled picture-taker like me, though.