Friday, May 04, 2012

Happy National Day of Reason!

Okay, a day late. But Pete Stark, Mayor Anthony Foxx of Charlotte, NC and the city council of New Orleans all deserve shoutouts nonetheless.

Even if the phrase "One Nation Under God" is enshrined in the Constitution and the now-annual National Day of Reason was just some sop tossed to a fringe group in 1952, I mean.


Uncle Ebeneezer said...

Reason?!! I hate that magazine :)

Brendan Keefe said...

Heh. But how sad that you even think of them when you see that word.

Uncle Ebeneezer said...

Yeah at least Cato can call other things to mind.

Brendan Keefe said...

Don't know whether to be more discouraged that Kato Kaelin is still remembered or that Bruce Lee is now a trivia question.