Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another round of shrugs

Los Angeles Times, 26 April 2011:

EXCLUSIVE: Twelve days after opening "Atlas Shrugged: Part 1," the producer of the Ayn Rand adaptation said Tuesday that he is reconsidering his plans to make Parts 2 and 3 because of scathing reviews and flagging box office returns for the film.

"Critics, you won," said John Aglialoro, the businessman who spent 18 years and more than $20 million of his own money to make, distribute and market "Atlas Shrugged: Part 1," which covers the first third of Rand's dystopian novel. "I’m having deep second thoughts on why I should do Part 2."

Eagle News, 23 October 2012:

After the box office, critical and qualitative failure of “Atlas Shrugged Part 1,” the attempt to put the entirety of Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged” on the big screen looked to be dead. However, through the power of having way too much money to spend, a new cast was gathered and, through hard work, “Atlas Shrugged Part 2” was made even worse than the first.

B-b-but, Part 2 opened in more than three times as many theaters!!!1!

Therefore, we will make some charts, and prove to you how much better ...

Data from Box Office Mojo: part 1 | part 2

Back to Evan Maxwell, our source at Eagle News:

“Atlas Shrugged Part 2” fails in every conceivable way: from the completely hyperbolic nature of the arguments presented in the film, to the amazing lack of acting talent and to the overall lack of interesting events. Given that this movie was made despite the lack of success of “Part 1,” “Atlas Shrugged Part 3” is inevitable, and there is absolutely nothing in this movie to indicate that it will be of any quality whatsoever.

Know hope!


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M. Bouffant said...

Oh, damnit, I saw a bus bench advert for Part II yesterday but neglected to get a shot, as I was distracted by other photographic efforts.

Brendan Keefe said...

Run back there immediately and take a night shot! Before they go Galt on their payments due to Bus Stop Ads, Inc., I mean.

But seriously, looking forward to coming over to your house and seeing what else has caught your eye. Sorry for my recent absence -- been a bit busy lately.