Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Ad Campaign!

Coming soon to a subway car (underground, and therefore CLOSER TO HELL) near you!

Roy Edroso has a report, many links, and musings about the new "purpose of atheism," over at his day job place.

[Added] Oh, and just to prove there is a God after all, while you're over there, don't miss Roy's wingnut round-up: "Rightbloggers Defend Rush with an NFL Boycott; Are Beer, Buffalo Wings Next?"

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Your Mother said...

Ahhh yes...just what the world needs...more evangelicals.

I wish the "don't ask, don't tell" that my little boy Brendan has employed concerning his...well...love for other little boys, could be applied to religion.

Mom said...

According to the OED an evangelical is someone who preaches the Christian gospel and that salvation is achieved by faith in atonement through Christ. That excludes anyone espousing any other doctrine such as non-belief, or in the case of the Catholic clergy -- pedophilia.


Your Mother said...

Lets not limit yourself to mislead others now. Most every dictionary will include something like...

6. Characterized by ardent or crusading enthusiasm; zealous: an evangelical liberal.

Oh and although much more publicized ...pedophilia is not limited to priest.

Emphyrio said...

Jesus, you really do have a cyberstalker.

Hazards of flame wars on BHTV...

Yeah, I'll bet that NFL boycott'll bring the league to its knees.

Much as I wish Obama was more a righteous lefty, I suspect his temperament, his unflappable calm, his wariness about enflaming vested interests is what will allow him to survive (if he does) this plutocrat-dominated era.

And I want him to survive and continue cleaning up the wreckage.

Brendan said...

Damn straight, Emphyrio. I sometimes wonder if the Nobel Committee gave Obama the Peace Prize just for keeping his cool in the face of American Wingnuttery. Certainly, death camps would have been, if not condonable, certainly more than understandable.

Along those lines, and the "cleaning up the wreckage" theme, as well, you might enjoy listening to the recent speech of his that I just posted, if you haven't seen it already.