Thursday, April 08, 2010

An ACORN Update, For the Record

Here is another sad illustration of the old saying, to the point of being in a lot of ways too late, but let's give it a listen anyway. Following is a report from Rachel Maddow, building on unedited tape released by the California Attorney General, showing just how much of a dishonest smear job was done on a highly worthwhile organization, that is now dead.

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Those two pieces of lying scum and the amplification of Fox News, Andrew Breitbart, and hate radio exacted a heavy cost -- on who knows how many poor people -- and none of them will be held accountable for their lies.

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Heir to the Throne said...

Rachel Maddow did some dishonest "editing" at 6:56 to distort/lie about the CA AG report to make it look like Vera reported the “human smuggling” to the police immediately instead of 9 Days later.

Immediately after the couple left, Vera telephoned his cousin, Detective Alejandro Hernandez, at the National City Police Department. [He left a voicemail message for Detective Hernandez stating that some “crazy people” were in his office providing information. Vera did not explain
the substance of the conversation and did not make reference to prostitution or human smuggling on the message. He asked his cousin to call him back. (Interview with Vera; Vera Phone Records, at p. 4 [reflecting a 2-minute call to Detective Hernandez’s cell phone at 6:40 p.m.];
Detective Hernandez Phone Records, at p. 132 [reflecting a call to voicemail at 6:45 p.m.].)
Later that day, Vera also reported the incident to fellow ACORN employee Cruz Acosta. Acosta had been away from the office while the couple was present. Vera explained to him what happened. Vera also reported the incident, either the same day or shortly thereafter, to Mar 15
Murrillon, an ACORN board member. Vera told Murrillon that he had reported the incident to the police. (Vera Interview.)
Vera eventually spoke with Detective Hernandez on August 27, 2009. He told Detective Hernandez ]
…[and said] that a self-admitted prostitute had been to the office and was discussing human smuggling

Heir to the Throne said...

Screen print and transcript at my blog.

Rachel Maddow is a dishonest hack

No doubt you will defend Rachel's distortion with Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe did worst.