Friday, April 30, 2010

Razing Arizona

Sheesh. Forget about secession of these dumb hick states. How about we expel them?

Not content with passing a law that empowers the police to harass anyone whose skin is deemed insufficiently white, Arizona Republicans have now doubled trebled down on the stupid, looking to pass a law that would ban ethnic studies in any school that receives state funding and another that would ban teachers with "accents" from teaching kids for whom English isn't a first language. (Would this include Sarah Palin, one wonders?)

(h/t: Ken Layne)


This thinly-veiled racism has me too discouraged to say much at this point, so I'll steer you to Timothy Egan's latest -- "Desert Derangement Syndrome" -- which is righteous.

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Anonymous said...

No surprise here, really. As the era of the nation-state ends, people are thrown back on more primary loyalties - religion, race, clan, tribe.

Besides, if our financial elite can get us fighting over the crumbs left over from globalization, we won't be raising their taxes to the 90% rates they so richly deserve. But that is inevitable, too.