Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Republican Senator Explains Why Parting Your Hair Down The Middle Should Cease Before You're Middle-Aged

Tom CoburnCoburn: A divider, not a uniter.
And that's from his official portrait, y'all.

Oh, no, wait. We started this post to pass along the news from TPM that Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) went to a "townhall meeting" and told those in attendance that they shouldn't believe everything they hear on Fox News, that they should listen to other news sources, and that Nancy Pelosi is actually a nice person.


Y'know, when you've got a guy who's on the record as saying he believes doctors who perform abortions should be executed and he's telling you to lighten up … just sayin', teabaggers. Just sayin'.


[Added] As your Wonkette might say, the wingnuts are already cold going nuts on the Twitter; e.g.:

a wingnut tweets

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