Monday, April 05, 2010


Ken Layne has an interesting post up about a new spacecraft -- loosely speaking, an uncrewed or "robot" shuttle -- that is scheduled to launch for the first time next month. Ken's views of NASA, space exploration, etc., are considerably less enthusiastic than my own, but he offers a short cool vid and some fun links.

Also ...

Here is a picture (from Lazy G Ranch) of the (an?) X-37 being towed by a pickup truck, to give you an idea of its size:

Here is a illustration (from Space Gizmo) of it in the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle, to give another sense of scale. This is from an earlier design, when it was planned to be launched from the Shuttle, instead of via rocket from the ground, as is now the case.

And here is an illustration (from the CS Monitor) of what it will look like once Skynet becomes self-aware in orbit.

Click the images to embiggen them.

Oh, and here is your Wikipedia link, also too.

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