Sunday, December 05, 2010

Bill Maher interviewed by Fareed Zakaria

Here is a 13-minute clip that's quite good. Probably you should not watch it if you're the sort of person who gets butthurt for being called a teabagger. Instead, just do what you always do -- skip watching it, and immediately fire off comments about how much you hate Bill Maher, because he is rude and likes to smoke pot.

(alt. video link)

Parts I liked best: how he shot down the question "is it because maybe the electorate is farther to the right than you would like them to be?" and his dismissal of the MSM's favorite fetish, Teh Independent Voters. And of course fundie-mocking is always FTW.

He's right about what we're looking for Obama to do, too. (Maybe some of this stuff is starting to get through to the White House?)

(h/t: Twin)

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