Thursday, December 23, 2010

No, Joe. The Sarah Palin glasses won't do it, either.

Remember, those are the style of a failed politician.

Joe Miller in Sarah Palin-style rectangular rimless glasses

Oh. You mean you didn't know that as of Wednesday afternoon, non-Lower-48 time, Palin protegé Joe Miller still hasn't admitted he lost that election?

The Alaska Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled unanimously on all counts against Joe Miller’s challenge of last month’s U.S. Senate election, saying Miller’s interpretation of the law would erode the integrity of Alaska’s election system.

“There are no remaining issues raised by Miller that prevent this election from being certified,” the Supreme Court justices declared in their 24-page ruling.


Miller didn’t agree to an interview after the Supreme Court ruling but e-mailed a statement saying he was weighing what his next move will be.


Miller has been challenging the results of the Nov. 2 election with the help of money from South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint’s political action committee, the Senate Conservatives Fund. Miller’s campaign spokesman has said they might attempt to take the fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Murkowski campaign manager Kevin Sweeney said he was elated by the Supreme Court ruling and expects Beistline will let the election results be certified next week. “We also anticipate that Joe will continue to pursue his baseless claims in federal court until his money runs out,” Sweeney said.

(h/t: John Cole | pic. source)


Ocean said...

Is it possible that these people truly believe that they're ruling by divine mandate and therefore they can bend all the rules to favor their capricious will?

Boy, they're in for surprises!

bjkeefe said...

That's one possibility, for sure.

In this case, however, the consensus seems to be that Joe Miller will not be able to find any other job. Thus, he appears to be following in Christine O'Donnell's footsteps, and will be a candidate for life.

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Ocean said...

Oh, come on! The fishing jobs are legendary in Alaska. He can always go that route, or snow plowing as an alternative... ;)

I think it's the humility lesson that's lacking.

bjkeefe said...

I'm not sure what the equivalent would be for fishing in Alaska, but if Joe Miller were a character in To Kill a Mockingbird, I'm pretty sure his neighbors would say he bought cotton.

Clubbed one halibut, maybe.