Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The GOP has figured out yet another way to be the Party of No

Alex Pareene:

GOP will just delay "don't ask, don't tell" repeal to death

Co-blogger Steve Kornacki is a bit more hopeful, but it looks like our last hopes for this year come down to, as Pareene puts it, "whether or not Susan Collins falls in line with her party or actually votes her supposed 'conscience,' and we all know how that joke turns out."

And we also have to count on the stalwart leadership of … Joe Lieberman, acting against John McCain's wishes {!), plus a belief that now that the tax-cuts deal has been made, the Republicans might this time keep a promise made. And we all know how that joke turns out, too.

Prediction: Holy Joe knuckles under in the Senate cloakroom, makes a public statement about "needing more study," which will be a lie no one will call him on, and then, Merry Christmas, gotta go!

I would really like to be wrong about this prediction.


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