Monday, December 06, 2010

Pull the lever, Conan!

Jack Stuef calls attention to that guy best known for getting his ass kicked thirty-five years ago by some small Chinese person, who these days is a regular columnist at WingNutDaily, who has posted another in an endless series of screeds about our godless Kenyan overlord and his godless minions:

Chuck Norris: Atheist National Park Service Sullying Founding Fathers

Because I can never get enough of arguments about why the only way Chuck Norris's fundamentalist butthurt -- "it alarms me when omissions are exclusively divine and so easily exit [sic] and are excused by the U.S. supreme leader," "the National Park Service guide leading their group blurted out five unbelievable lies and distortions about our founders' religious beliefs and history, with school-aged children present as well in the room," etc. -- can be salved is by jamming the Bible down the throat of every public school student in America, I clicked on over. There at the bottom was the real comedy:


Cool! Fleecing the True Believers by copying, pasting, and packaging a bunch of stuff available for free all over the Internet! St. Sarah would be proud. Let's click that "Order" link:


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