Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tweet of the Day


Being on the left means perpetual dissatisfaction, as it should be. But important for the soul to savor victories when they come.

(h/t: @digby56)


[Added] Via @OpheliaBenson, NYT story on the repeal of DADT. Also, full roll call and interactive map here.

[Added2] Runner-up for tweet of the day here.

[Added3] Also in contention:

daveweigel Party right now on John McCain's lawn! #DADT


Anonymous said...

Thia should be on the list too:

RT @jamisonfoser: Ask. Tell. about 12 hours ago via web

--Uncle Eb

Brendan said...

Heh, yes. That was a good one. (First saw it from Rachel Sklar.)

Also good. (But you knew that already.)