Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Wingnut Taste

Donald Douglas, the Wingnutty ProfessorHey, what do you think this sequence represents?

2, 0, 0,
0, 0, 0,
51, 0, 0,
0, 0, 0,
1, 0, 1,
0, 1

If you guessed the number of comments left under the posts currently appearing on alleged college perfesser Donald Douglas's blog home page, and that outlier is undoubtedly due to something disgusting because posting cheesecake photos, begging for links from RS McCain, and moralizing about Teh Nihilist Left just isn't driving the traffic, you know your wingnuts!

(h/t: TBogg, via Jack Stuef, via @jim_newell)

[Added] And doubling down on his sad clown belief that "anything that pisses off Teh Left is a win for conservatives!!!1!," he sanctimoniously notes the death this morning of Elizabeth Edwards in his latest post. (Not counted in the numerical series above.) I'd say let's hope for another round of people taking him to task in his comments section, but as he has made clear in the past, he is impervious to criticism. Not to mention to the notion that he should set aside his one-wingnut culture war and at least try to act like a human being once in a while. I probably shouldn't even link to him, but at least this way he knows some more eyes are upon him. For all the good that'll do.


Kevin Robbins said...

I'm sure Donald is praying for you, Brendan.

Brendan said...

Heh. Pointless as that exercise would be, better he does that than blog, that's for sure.

Donald Douglas said...

Do you actually have an argument, Brendan? We know you refuse real intellectual exchange and give racists a pass, but at least try to say something intelligent. Obviously the initial post struck a nerve with the godless left. And the piece was linked at outlets with a much better understanding of humanity than your progressive shithole of a blog.

Brendan said...

I see one link, so you're lying to use a plural.

The one outlet that linked to you describes itself as a "Magazine of Evangelical Conviction." So you're lying again. No way they have an understanding of humanity. By definition, fundies deny the reality of humanity, especially concerning anyone who does not share their primitive superstitions.

Donald Douglas said...

Spoken like a dyed in the wool radical progressive, BJ. But poor form attacking me as a liar. Typical of your cobaggery.

Brendan said...

Wow, you managed to get your shitty piece of fundie hate speech noticed by someone doing a lazy-ass roundup of "all sides."

And you appeared right below Althouse.

You wanna brag about that, go ahead. It wouldn't surprise any of us.

But in case you're looking for a lifeline back to reality, be advised that there was nothing approving about what resides at that second link. That post was the output of a Google blog search with a little formatting thrown in.

And note that the excerpt right below yours says what your fifty new (i.e., one-time) commenters said -- basically took you to task for being your usual self, where cluelessness and offensiveness are locked in a never-ending battle for control of your keyboard.

So you're still pretty much lying in what you implied in your previous comment.

But hey, you got some attention, and that's what you're always whoring for, no matter which gutter you have to wallow in to get it, so congratulations. You've lived down to the Donald Douglas standard once again.

Twin said...

...the godless left ... your progressive shithole ...

You have to love the juxtaposition from Man of God Donnie Dee himself.

Donald Douglas said...

God, you're an idiot Brendan. Oops! You don't believe in God! I almost forgot! The post was linked all around. And I thought it was a throwaway, frankly, so I don't really care, or, well, only to the extent that you're all fail on outing me as a "liar."

Chill brother. You look pathetic.

Brendan said...

Shorter Wingnutty Perfesser:

My very important blog post's importance can be measured by how often it got linked all ov … uh, well, ahem, okay, actually, 98% of the incoming links are critical … IT WAS JUST A THROWAWAY POST!!!1! NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!!1! MOVE ALONG, YOU IDIOTS!!!1!