Friday, January 28, 2011

Al Franken not giving up on Net Neutraility

Good for him, and good for Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA). See Al Franken's blog or Reclaim the Media for the latest.

When considering the importance of keeping the Internet from being controlled by ever fewer, ever more powerful interests, you might reflect on the situation in Egypt. See recent posts by Don McArthur and James Cowie. Yes, the US is not Egypt. But the time to push back against the desire for totalitarian control is now, not when matters get worse.

[Added] These connections are already tighter than you might think.

[Added2] Correction: I had Sen. Cantwell's first name wrong in the original post. It is Maria, not Patricia. Thanks to Paul Chadwick for noting this in the Comments.


Paul Chadwick said...

Senator Maria Cantwell, actually.

Say it softly it's almost like praying...

Brendan said...

Thanks for noticing, Paul. I have corrected my mistake in the post.