Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Blogosphere Just Got Measurably Smarter

Because that fine science writer George Johnson has just agreed to join it!

His new blog is called The Cancer Chronicles and it's subtitled "Notes for a book in progress." The debut post is titled "Paleo-oncology."

George has been running personal sites -- The Santa Fe Review and -- since forever, of course, and you've probably enjoyed his work for The New York Times.

Also, George is on the Facebook AND ADMITS TO LIKING IT, so I guess I really should have titled this post Death of a Curmudgeon?

P.S. If you want to hear him talk about dragging himself, kicking and screaming, onto this new version of the Web that you stupid kids ruined by not learning how to hand-code HTML and blithely accepting ads everywhere just so you could get stuff for free, he and John Horgan, who now also blogs at Scientific American, discuss it as the opening topic in today's Science Saturday diavlog. Stream below or click the alt. video link below that for various downloading options.

(alt. video link)

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